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WRC 2017 Update

WRC 2017 Update

Employment Update: The Workplace Relations Commission Publishes First Annual Progress Report 12 January 2017 The Workplace Relations Commission (“WRC”) has published its 2016 Progress Report and Commentary (the “Report”). The Report outlines the progress made by the WRC during its first full year in operation and gives some insight into the types of cases being dealt […]

How to promote inclusive leadership i...

How to promote inclusive leadership in your organisation

According to Laure Fraval, Managing director and HR Consultant at Citi “inclusive leaders are very good at getting the best out of all their people”. Dan Robertson, Diversity and Inclusion Director at ENEI, explains how “Inclusive leadership is to be aware of your own biases and references, to actively seek out and consider different views […]

The Workplace Relations Act 2015

The Workplace Relations Act will come into effect on the 1st October 2015 and is one of the biggest changes in employment law in Ireland in almost 50 years. It is designed to make it less complicated for employees to bring claims and for employers to respond to them, to provide swifter access to justice […]

Employee Engagement & Retention

Employee Engagement & Retention When you first start your business the focus is on you and/or a business partner. Then you begin to focus on employing other ‘employees’. You look for people you can trust and who can be flexible with their time and responsibilities. You look for people who will be as passionate about your […]

Protected Disclosures Act 2014 –...

Protected Disclosures Act 2014 The Protected Disclosures Act came into operation in July 2014. The Act aims to promote the disclosure of information relating to wrongdoing in the workplace by offering protection for workers from penalisation in circumstances where they make a protected disclosure. On a broader level, it is part of an anti-corruption mechanism […]

The Evolution of HRM

The Evolution of Human Resource Management (HRM) Many people, outside the profession, do not have a real understanding of what ‘Human Resource Management (HRM)’ means aside from ‘hiring and firing’.  So we must answer the question – What does it mean? How has it evolved? What value does it bring to the modern workplace? The […]

Time To Get Your Ducks In A Row

As we reflect on our achievements and make plans for the future, don’t forget about your Human Resources and the most important asset in your business – your people!   Do you have up-to-date Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks, well maintained Personnel Files and are prepared for a WRC audit? If not, contact Aspire […]

Workplace Relations Commission Inspec...

WRC Inspectors Audit Preparation Who are the WRC? The Workplace Relations Commission was set up in 2015 under the Workplace Relations Act. Workplace Relations Inspectors (whose functions were formerly carried out by NERA), seek to secure a culture of compliance with employment rights legislation in Ireland through five main functions: Information Inspection Enforcement Prosecution Protection of […]

The Value of Compromise Agreements

A recent EAT hearing in March 2014 considered the question of whether or not they could hear a claim for Unfair Dismissal where the claimant had signed a compromise agreement  when her employment had been terminated by reason of redundancy in 2012. This case reminds employers of the importance of clear, sequential paperwork when managing a […]

Annual Leave

All employees, full-time, part-time, temporary or casual, earn annual leave entitlements from the time they start work.  Most employees are entitled to four weeks’ paid annual leave per leave year. Depending on time worked, employees’ holiday entitlements should be calculated by one of the following methods:- 4 working weeks in a leave year in which […]