Simple yet effective initiative to refresh and refocus.

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Written by Michelle McDonagh

As a manager, you’ll be well aware that productivity can suffer in January due to staff feeling a little sluggish after the season of indulgence or suffering from the “back-to-work” blues.

It is already a well-documented and proven fact that exercise can improve staff productivity. Some businesses are even paying staff to take exercise!

With this in mind, I thought I would remind you of the 100 Days of Walking, a great initiative run by Newstalk with Dr. Ciara Kelly. It may be a good idea to promote this initiative in your workplace by organising a walking group for lunchtime or before/after work. To encourage as many staff as possible to participate, perhaps run a raffle for a prize for all participants and provide a free hi-vis vest for everybody who signs up to participate.

Personally, I am a big fan of this initiative as it requires a minimal time commitment, is free, allows for podcast catch up time or a chat and actually feels pretty great!

It is not too late – if you organise the initiative this week, it will finish in April and employees may even continue with it after this date!

You can read more about the benefits of encouraging staff to take exercise in this article.

So, stick on the runners or walking shoes and just head out the door.

 Employees can sign up for the initiative here.

If you have carried out initiatives like this with your colleagues before, let us know how it went!

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