In House Training

Our core programme of in-house workshops includes;

  • How to Prepare for a WRC Inspection
  • How to Prepare for a Third-Party Hearing
  • How to Deal with a Complaint of Bullying or Harassment
  • How to Understand and Change Contracts of Employment
  • How to Manage the Disciplinary and Grievance Process
  • How to Promote Dignity and Respect in the Workplace
  • How to Manage Absence
  • How to Manage within Irish Employment Law
  • How to Manage a Workplace Investigation
  • How to Manage the Interview Process

Employee Surveys

It is a worthwhile exercise to run occasional employee surveys to capture the perceptions of the staff at all levels across your organisation. Aspire HR can devise, run and analyse this data for you thereby allowing you to consider the key messages from this survey when devising your Company and HR strategy.