Contracts of Employment, HR Policies & Procedures

Aspire HR have developed a wide range of template employment contracts, policies & procedures based on our vast experience of best practice HR. These can be adapted to suit any of our client organisations and provided on an individual basis or combined together into a Company Handbook as a guide for all of your team. Our consultants are also happy to go out to your Company premises to meet your staff directly and create employment contracts, as required.

Compliance (WRC Inspections)

With almost 100 WRC inspectors conducting random on the spot audits across all industries it is vital that your organisation is WRC ready. Aspire HR can conduct a HR Audit to assess your level of compliance with the current Irish employment law and ensure that your records are collated in the manner required by WRC inspectors. This will ensure you are audit ready and will give you forewarning of any areas of compliance that need to be addressed.

Legal Representation

Save yourself the expense of a costly solicitor – Aspire HR can prepare your submissions and represent you in all dealings with the Rights Commissioner & Equality Officer for a fraction of the normal legal cost.

Independent Investigations

We ensure our independent workplace investigations relating to grievance, discipline, bullying, harassment are fair, impartial, prompt and thorough and our independent workplace investigators are focused and sensitive throughout the investigation process. We work utilising the Organisations policies and procedures and are guided by the relevant Codes of Practice. We deliver our findings in a written report, which deals with evidentiary matters.