Absence Management

Our consultants can engage with your staff Managers and staff alike to ensure there is a clear Absenteeism Policy in place applied consistently. We will provide guidance and support to Managers in implementing the applicable policies and engage directly with staff on long term sick leave to mutually agree a plan that can either facilitate their return to work or transition from the Company. We will co-ordinate any occupational health visits that may be required and act as a point of contact for any difficulties with benefit providers and/or legal representatives.

TUPE guidance

The TUPE law in Ireland can be quite complex and is a testing time for businesses and the affected teams. HR support is a critical part of this phase of development and can ensure that the process is managed smoothly and professionally where all concerns are listened to and addressed promptly. Aspire HR will act as the key contact for all involved to ensure a successful transfer thus limiting the risk of costly litigation.

Redundancy (Lay off/Short time)

Aspire HR can work with the senior team to analyse the business scenario and help to decide what actions need to be taken to secure the future viability of the Company. We will enact an agreed detailed HR plan to ensure any potential redundancies are managed within the strict guidelines of the law but also with respect and dignity shown at all stages to those involved. We can work on our client’s premises to meet the staff involved and manage all paperwork.

Dealing with Complaints of Bullying, Harassment

If you need advice on dealing with complaints of bullying, harassment etc, Aspire can give you guidance so you know you are handling with these issues correctly

Gender Equality Issues

If you are concerned about gender equality issues in your workplace, we can help you deal with these.