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Most employees want to know how well they are performing on the job. Managers should hold regular review meetings during probation with employees, at which feedback on the managers performance expectations versus the employee’s performance and progress should be discussed. The probation reviews should permit both parties to identify any learning and development needs and prepare themselves for future. Once this is known it becomes easy for employees to learn about the yardsticks and to improve their performance in future.

This Product is a customisable Probation Review Form that you can use to support Probation Reviews with employees. View a Short Preview of this Template here

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It is recommended to use this template for mid probation reviews and the same template for end of probation reviews. This allows a clear comparison between one review period and another. If the probationary period is extended, you can use the same template again at the last review period.


A six month probationary period is recommended for permanent contracts. Based on this, a review should be completed at three months, six months and nine months if the initial probation is extended. Fixed term contracts can apply one week probation per one month of a contract term, rounded up i.e. two month probation on a six month contract.


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