Recruitment Assessment (DISC, Driving Forces & Skills)


Behaviours (DISC), Driving Forces and Personal Skills Assessment and Report. Click here to view a Sample Recruitment Report.

This report is a level two recruitment/ coaching assessment. It includes the baseline DISC and Driving Forces report but adds an additional dimension to assess personal skills (competencies).  In recruiting new team members or building our competence through coaching and development, we are seeking to achieve superior performance of each individual and the team as a whole. With every additional layer we add to assessments, we get closer to this goal.

The DNA profile is so named because there are 25 soft skills that are the basis (or building blocks) for performance across many different roles. The advantage of the DNA profile is that it allows hiring managers to quickly assess the level of mastery of a large number of competencies and whether each skills is either crucial, important, or somewhat important to job performance.

After your purchase, you will receive a link with the Assessment Questionnaire. After the Assessment Questionnaire is completed, you will receive the report via your email and a link to book your 30 minute Debriefing session.

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People are multifaceted – your approach to recruitment & selection should be too.


Measured in four dimensions (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance), DISC measures a person’s action preferences, revealing how an individual will behave.

Driving Forces

Discover what motivates and engages a person by examining six unique continuum: knowledge, utility, surroundings, others, power, and methodologies.

Soft Skills

Examine 25 unique personal skills that identify which skills have been most well developed, providing a prediction of his or her strengths and weaknesses in the future.


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